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SankalpTaru Foundation

UNIFI has been planting trees on each client's birthday with the involvement of native farmers and the SankalpTaru team, in the Kadiri region of Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh. This work not only improves our ecosystem but also empowers the farming community towards sustainable growth. Plantation and management require considerable planning and follow-up.

The plantation management process is stated below,

  • Bulk plantation happens for each farmer in a single lot.
  • The farmers are chosen based on their willingness to participate, the amount of land they own, water & electricity facilities.
  • The saplings supplied are planted and maintained by the farmers. SankalpTaru team helps them with technical knowledge by organising camps.
  • SankalpTaru team keeps track of newly planted trees for six months, post which farmers are entirely responsible.
  • Variety of fruit trees including guava, pomegranate, papaya, lemon, mango and coconut are supplied to the farmers.
  • Famers can have intermittent crops until trees grow enough to bear fruits.
  • Once trees yield fruits, farmers harvest the fruits and sell them in the local market for profit. There is no profit sharing with SankalpTaru organisation.
  • A new dam on the Krishna river started operating in the region recently, aiming to expand the area under irrigation. Hence, more farmers are coming forward to participate in this program.


Saplings planted since Sept’2015


Farmer beneficiaries impacted


Farmer beneficiaries ownership