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Client Review

Portfolio management as a service seeks to hand hold the client through his investment journey. Done effectively, the probability of the client seeing through the market’s volatility can be significantly enhanced, thereby improving his investment outcomes. Unifi is structured to deliver on this service commitment. Client interaction and account reviews are critical to our overall process of building a sustainable relationship with our clients. Unifi’s senior team meets customers both at an individual and at group level for investment reviews.

Portfolio Performance Review

At Unifi, we have multiple modes of interaction with our clients for periodic portfolio performance reviews.


Periodic webinars for clients are hosted by the fund management teams where investment philosophy and fund performance are discussed in depth. These discussions are followed by a detailed Q&A session. The webinar recordings are also sent to clients to watch at their convenience.


One-on-one Review

Clients can reach out to RMs for a one-on-one periodic review of their investments. In these reviews, the RM presents Unifi’s views of market conditions and portfolio performance. Any specific requests by a client are recorded and handled by the RM. Unifi believes that nothing can replace human contact and strives to conduct in-person meetings to the extent possible.

Unifi also interacts with clients introduced by Distribution Partners & RIAs, if required. Meetings can be arranged in co-ordination with the clients’ partner, subject to the partner's policy.

One-on-one Review


All client accounts are audited annually by one of the reputed firms of accountants. An audit report with financial statements is provided to the client by the auditor to file tax returns. Unifi is committed to strict adherence of various regulations and believes that a strong culture of compliance is a source of competitive advantage in the long run.

Client Letters

The following files contain the quarterly strategic portfolio review. The section relating to fund and company specific review is broadcasted to e-mail ids registered with us.

AIF Blend Fund Quarterly Letter

AIF Blend Fund 2 Quarterly Letter

AIF BCAD Fund Quarterly Letter