Special Opportunities Fund


The Special Opportunity strategy uses a bottom-up approach and initiates concentrated investments into 5-6 companies, typically mid-caps, over a 2 to 3 year horizon. The fund seeks to harness the powerful combination of visible growth and attractive valuations of a few thoroughly researched opportunities and cherry picks from across Unifi’s strategies. We look for potential turnarounds, firms participating in structural shifts, business restructuring and are willing to risk poor liquidity for attractive valuations.

Investment Strategy

The Special Opportunities Fund looks to invest in the common listed stocks, securities convertible into common stocks, rights and warrants of companies that offer 'special opportunities'. The fund adopts a concentrated investment strategy with a 2-3 year investment horizon.

Typically, small & medium size companies that have poor stock market liquidity but offer attractive valuations, companies that are participating in structural shifts, and, companies in the midst of turnaround situations form a part of the fund’s portfolio.